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PE "Demidov Product" was founded in August 1968. The main activity of the plant is production of canned fruits and vegetables, juices, jams, tomato sauces and meat products. In these products made on the basis of certification of regulatory and technical documentation. Enterprise is located in the village Demidovka, Rivne region. The nominal capacity of the plant - 8 mln.umovn.banok year. The company offers products under its own brand as well as cooperation on manufacturing products under Private Label. Currently the products are sold under our Private Label partners: "Our land", "Silpo", "Eco", "Great Kyshenya", "Novus", "Colibris" and their own TM "Generous Cook", "Darius," "Marine", "Birch"
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The advantages of our products

  • Environment
  • All products are made exclusively from environmentally friendly raw materials, passing some landmark monitoring for harmful substances.
  • An original recipe
  • The quality and taste of products pleasantly impress your clients.
  • Shipping and customs clearance
  • You no longer need to search for customs brokers or intermediaries. All customs procedures make our specialists
  • Individual approach
  • We make for you the products that most need your customer.
  • Individual approach
  • The proximity to the border makes exports more attractive.
  • Price
  • We offer you the best products at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

Our products

Wholesale customers and distributors

Welcome to cooperate wholesalers We offer implementation of quality products in Ukraine and abroad.
When planning the purchase of our products in advance, you get:
High quality
Fresh seasonal produce, preserved
Delivery schedule according to your requirements
Flexible terms of cooperation and payment options
Guaranteed discounts system at work
Demidov product - ukrainian manufacturer of high quality food products: tomato sauce, paste, mustard, horseradish, peas, corn, table vinegar, natural sauces, fish conservation. We invite you to consider the proposal on manufacturing products under your own brand (Private Label)
The advantages of cooperation with our company:
  • high quality productsl
  • worked recipe
  • convenient logistics
  • individual approach to each partner
Social responsibility

"Demidov product" - a socially responsible company. Its corporate social responsibility we see in the balance between addressing our business challenges and meeting current social, economic and environmental needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet.

We strive and implement CSR in three main areas:

In the economic area

We actively promote the development of farms in the region. Through long-term cooperation with them we help to increase employment and support regional production.
In the social aspect
«Demidov product» strengthens the health of residents of regions by promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing consumption of harmful substances. Our products are made from natural ingredients, without preservatives and packaging for zvykorystovuyemo we only eco-packaging.
We support socially vulnerable population such as pensioners, members of ATU and large families, provide concessional agricultural machinery and services for the cultivation and harvesting. We care about our team and provide:
• career development of our employees
• professional growth of our staff, provide preferential opportunity to study Business Management Academy practical
• sobystisnyy and spiritual development of the workers, provide the opportunity to attend artistic, cultural and educational events.
• social base, comfortable working conditions, pay and benefits.
• corporate bonuses: Club cards and discounts.
In the social aspect
In order to reduce pollution Company "Demidov product»:
• Ensures the implementation of low-waste, resource and waste technologies.
• Stimulates partners to use eco-efficient packaging.
• Uses waste wood processing industry in the production cycle. 2. For the purpose of rational use of non-renewable resources company "Demidov product»:
• renounced the use of non-renewable resources.
• Generates "environmental" consciousness of workers and consumers by promoting rationalization of life and increase the efficiency of production and consumption.
• Zabezpuye drinking water to village populations Demidovka at discounted rates.
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